Other Fun* Stuff!

Here’s some other adish and not necessarily adish stuff I’ve made. Mostly student work.

Public Libraries
How do you get more people to visit their local library?

New signage

Print and OOH

Made with Matt Terrell and Anna Andreen

Rent the Runway 
Before you rent an item, the Debut Detector will scan your social media pictures to see if any of your friends have already been photographed wearing it or any similar item.

Print and OOH

Made with Matt Terrell

Elegant Baseball Cap
One of my design professors called baseball caps “gauche.” As a balding man/frequent baseball cap wearer, I was offended—so I designed a baseball cap out of flowers and turned it in for my final project. Rejoice, bald men, finally there’s a baseball cap elegant enough for cocktail parties, weddings, and Midsommar-style rituals.

Bad things happen when those who can't cook need to eat.


We also created a storybook cookbook that features Crock-Pot recipes alongside the annoyances of
cooking without a Crock-Pot.

Made with Anna Andreen and Rachel Sheeran

First Ascent Winter Wear
You’ll let go before they do.
Made with Shelby Lemons